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Induction advice

This is advice to any men or women looking to go on the induction journey.  These are based on my experiences over the last 20 years. 1.  Find a steady partner.  Always best to induce with 1 person since ANR and induction happens out of a safe and loving bond.  This increases the chemicals in our bodies that enables the milk let-down process.  If you need more than 1 male…


Domperidone Update

I would like to hear from other women about what they experienced when beginning the prescription route of induction. It's an order for Inhouse Pharmacy. How soon will I be tender or will it be gradual? The post Menopausal method of inducing, I have read, says "when there is significant change in the breasts" to stop the birth control pill. Will I know what significant change is? It's been almost…