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It is free to join Anrelationships, but not all site features are free to access, to fully access and use all site features you need to have a VIP Membership to fully experience the site, Non VIP members have limited access to most site features.

Solicitations of any kind is not allowed, that includes Escort, Sugar Baby, Milk Maid services or asking for tributes or offering to pay for any services, this will get you banned from the site!!!

Using the terms, Escort, Sugar Baby, Milk Maid in a profile in any form will get you banned from the site!!!

After you complete registration you will be sent a verification email, please check your email and verify your email, you won't be able to log in without doing this.
If you have no intentions of verifiying your email you're just wasting your time filling out the site registration, so don't waste your time.
Failure to verify your email, will cause you not to have access and your sign up registration will automatically delete after 2 days.

1- Do not attempt to bypass the site message system by placing contact info in areas where it is indicated it's not allowed (Introduction, What I'm seeking here sections) No Kik, Twitter, Snapchat ETC. there are sections in your profile specifically for that type of contact info only enter it in those areas.
2- ALL profiles are reviewed, and violators WILL be caught and it will only result with site support contacting you and your profile being edited and given a SITE VIOLATION. and you may get banned from the site.
3- Female topless or see throught type pictures are prohibited as the main profile picture if we can see your nipples or areloas it won't be approve, they can be placed in photo albums instead.
4- Below the waist nudity is not allowed on this site.

5- Male shirtless pictures are prohibited as the main profile pictures, they can be placed in photo albums or sent in private messages, if you post a shirtless picture as a main profile picture it will be deleted.