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Domperidone Update

I would like to hear from other women about what they experienced when beginning the prescription route of induction. It's an order for Inhouse Pharmacy. How soon will I be tender or will it be gradual? The post Menopausal method of inducing, I have read, says "when there is significant change in the breasts" to stop the birth control pill. Will I know what significant change is? It's been almost 40 years since I took a birth-control pill. I'm not interested in dialoguing with men about a third person they know who took the prescriptions. Until you walk in our get the idea.

   Was only able to tolerate the hormones for about 5 weeks. Found myself less than tolerant of inane behavior in others. Stopped it early. It did do what it was intended to do. I have continued the Domperidone but not at the recommended doses as it disrupts sleep. It's a consideration for any of the ladies to keep in mind.

    Still here. Open to messaging with the ladies who would like to talk about what's what.